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Nasal Obstruction & Blockage

Dallas Sinus Center provides treatment options for patients dealing with symptomatic nasal obstruction.

Structural abnormalities

These include deformities of the nose and nasal septum; the thin, flat cartilage and bone that divides the two sides of the nose and nostrils. These deformities are usually the result of an injury, sometimes having occurred in childhood. Seven percent of newborn babies suffer significant nasal injury in the birth process. Nasal injuries are common in both children and adults. If they obstruct breathing, surgical correction may be helpful.

One of the most common causes of nasal obstruction in children is enlargement of the adenoids. These are a tonsil-like tissue located in the back of the nose, behind the palate. Children with this problem may experience noisy breathing at night and may snore. Children who are chronic mouth breathers may develop a sagging face and dental deformities. In this case, surgery to remove the adenoids and/or tonsils may be advisable.

Of course, one of the most common causes of nasal obstruction is chronic sinusitis. Inflammation in the sinuses, nasal polyps, and other factors associated with sinus disease can cause significant long-lasting obstruction. Most of these conditions can be improved or resolved by the ENT doctors at the Dallas Sinus Center.

Content courtesy of AAO American Academy of Otolaryngology