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Image-Guided Surgical Navigation

Dallas Sinus Center utilizes the latest technology such as Image Guided Surgical Navigation when performing certain sinus surgery procedures.

What is Image-Guided Surgical Navigation?

Image-guided systems are essentially like GPS (global positioning satellite) systems for the anatomy of your head. These systems are used to aid the surgeon in confirming the location of critical structures when the interior of the nose and sinuses is distorted by unusual anatomy, severe sinusitis, or prior surgery.

To use the image-guidance navigation system, a special CT scan of the sinuses is performed, using a specific navigation system protocol. The CT scan is transferred to a disk, which is then loaded into the image-guidance computer.

During surgery, the CT scan images are loaded into a computer system and then calibrated using preset reference points, such as specific anatomic points on the face. The computer can then track the position of the sinus surgery instruments by integrating the information detected from the patient’s preset reference points and comparing it to the information on the CT scan map.

When is image-guidance needed during sinus surgery?

Although the use of image-guidance systems is increasing in endoscopic sinus surgery, it is not required for all sinus procedures. Image-guided surgical navigation is not a substitute for sound surgical judgment and operative experience. Though it is tempting to demand its use during every surgery, it use does not make much of a difference in sinuses that have not been operated on before. Cases with straightforward anatomy also do not require image-guidance.

Image-guidance is most useful while operating on patients who have had previous sinus surgery, patients who have significant frontal or sphenoid sinus problems, cases of benign tumor growths such as inverted papilloma, and patients who have thinning of the bone between the sinuses and the brain or the eye. If the site of a cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) leak is identified on a preoperative CT scan, the image-guidance system may also be useful during CSF leak repairs to help in isolating the bony defect to be patched.