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On my first consultation, I still wasn’t convinced that I was going to go through with the procedure. As soon as Dr. Pero came into the room, and began to explain what he could do for me, I was in. He took pictures and used a software to show what he’d like to do with my nose. It was exactly what I had always wanted it to look like. He explained the procedure in terms that I could understand, and had a way of calming the fears of someone that was having surgery for the first time, none the less elective. He introduced me to my anesthesiologist, and I felt extremely comfortable with the whole process. The end result was more than I could have ever expected. The recovery was amazingly easy, and I experienced almost zero bruising. I have never been more happy with money l’ve spent in my entire life. I highly recommend Dr. Pero, and his entire staff. They’re all very professional, and very good at what they do! ~Whitney


Conditions: Deviated Nasal Septum, Sinus Infections, Nasal Obstruction/Blockage
Solution: Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS), Balloon Sinuplasty

When I was 20 years old, I was told I had a deviated septum that needed to be fixed. At 31, I almost had it done. By age 52, I had severe health issues with problems caused by hypoxia as a result of sleep apnea that actually gave me Cushings Syndrome. I had multiple sinus infections every year from obstructed sinus cavities, and ended up with an impaired immune system and two hemorrhage strokes. In the final analysis, all of those issues stemmed from my not having been able to breathe properly for a very long time. When I started using a CPAP machine, my life improved; but at age 62, I decided it was time to resolve the breathing issues.

I researched every doctor I could find data about. I wanted a doctor who was using state of the art medical techniques, had experience with all of my breathing issues and could work with me in the future regarding my CPAP and sleeping problems. Fortunately, I found that person in Dr Wyll at the Dallas Sinus Center. She did several procedures at the same time –– Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery, Turbinate Reduction, Nasal Septal Reconstruction and Balloon Sinuplasty.

While I did have a little discomfort after the procedures, it was more a result of the anesthesia rather than the procedures themselves. I had heard all of the war stories about how much those procedures would hurt, but I honestly did not experience much pain after the first 24 hours. Within a few days, I was able to breathe better than before even though I still had splints inside my nose. After a week, and the removal of the splints, I realized that I should have done this years ago. I now breathe easily, go to sleep without congestion and wake up without congestion. I have more energy due to better sleeping and have even turned down the pressure of my CPAP so it doesn’t wake me up during the night. I’m 62 but I feel 40 again. Dr. Wyll will be my doctor for the rest of my life.


My daily living has improved a thousand percent! With the surgery and the changes I made in my home, I hardly have any allergy symptoms at all and I can breathe now. And, I don’t even take any kind of allergy meds, either. This experience has been one of the most amazing in my life that I will never forget. Thank you, Dr Pero. YOU ARE AWESOME! ~Anonymous


Conditions: Chronic Sinusitis, Nasal Polyps, Deviated Nasal Septum, Turbinate Hypertrophy
Solution: Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS), Balloon Sinuplasty

When I first visited the Dallas Sinus Center, I had polyps in both sinuses, a sinus infection that had hung around for several months and a badly deviated septum. I had also been using Breath Right strips every night for the past 10 years to sleep.

Since my procedure, the sinus infection is gone and I no longer need the Breath Right strips. I can even smell the wild flowers across the street! I have to say I’m really, really pleased with the results.

The Dallas Sinus Center team did an awesome job:

  • You addressed all of my concerns and questions prior to the procedure.
  • The “What to Expect” handout was very informative and answered all of my post-procedure questions.
  • Your “Do-Say” ratio was spot on –– I asked for a call back the day prior to the procedure and got one that evening.
  • I received excellent care during my short stay in the medical facility.

I knew what to expect and how I would feel for the week or two after the procedure.

Overall this was an extremely positive experience. I appreciate both the professionalism and the compassion I was shown throughout the process. I’ve recommended Dr. Wyatt and the Dallas Sinus Center to several friends and family members with similar issues.


Conditions: Chronic Sinus Infections
Solution: Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

I am a lifelong sufferer of seasonal allergies. All my childhood photos show a kid with a red nose and puffy eyes, while the rest of the family looks fine. By the time I was in my twenties, I was up to four to six sinus infections a year, along with all the trappings: postnasal drainage; sore, congested throat; itchy eyes; and at least one blocked nostril at all times. Worst of all, it led me to lots of antibiotics, which were really hard on my stomach. I just plain didn’t feel well most of the time. I thought this was my lot in life, and something that would never improve. Never say never! By March 2008, it was time for a referral to a specialist.

In my initial examination, Dr. Wyatt explained to me that what I had were nasal polyps, and they could be surgically treated through endoscopic sinus surgery. Naturally the word “surgery” brings up concerns, but in my initial visit, Dr. Wyatt explained all the long-term benefits of the surgery, as well as the improvements that had been made in the same surgery in recent years. No longer do patients have the nose packing and bleeding that were part of this surgery in the past. In fact, I don’t even think of what I had as surgery. I think of it as what it was: an outpatient procedure. Best of all, while I still have allergies, I am now free of all the infections and misery that goes with them.

The staff set the date for the surgery then and there, and made all the arrangements. All I had to do was show up. My recovery was very fast. I was up and alert and sent home the same day of the surgery. And I used only a few doses of the pain medication. In a little over a week, I was back to my “new self” again. From that day on, things were different. My constant sinus infections and the drainage and pain all stopped. I have never again had excessive drainage as a symptom, even during the times I have seasonal allergies. I have had one mild sinus infection in the three years since my surgery. Thanks to Dr. Wyatt, and FESS, I can breathe easily, and I mean that literally. It has changed my life for the better.


Dr. Pero did my rhinoplasty in December of 2010. The results were exactly what I hoped for – to look like myself, without a profile that makes me cringe! Dr. Pero is a great doctor – he’s been thorough with follow ups, and I never feel as though I am being rushed out of his office (unlike most other doctors). He made me feel confident, even going into my first real surgery. ~Anonymous


Condition: Chronic Sinusitis, Deviated Nasal Septum
Solution: Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)

For the past 2+ years, I have had enormous trouble breathing through my nose with any regularity. I have tried many times to resolve this with over-the-counter products. Being very active and maintaining a solid fitness schedule, this caused me great discomfort and fatigue on a daily basis. Prior to my referral to Dr. Wyatt at the Dallas Sinus Center, I was taking Afrin every 12 hours just to get clear nasal passages in order to sleep, continue to be active outdoors and work out daily. What a pain it was to make sure I had a decongestant available at all times just to sleep or do anything that required breathing through my nose.

Dr. Wyatt diagnosed me with deviated nasal septum, chronic sinusitis and turbinate enlargement. With that many issues, we decided to set up a procedure to correct it all in one day.

I had the FESS procedure one month later. The procedure was quick and there were no problems. I had no bruising and the slight swelling was barely noticeable. I cannot imagine any procedure being as smooth as this one.

Since I had the procedure, every day has been better than the one before. I have experienced no issues at all. The need for decongestant is no longer a part of my day-to-day life, and I have Dr. Wyatt and the Dallas Sinus Center to thank for that.


From the moment I met Dr Pero, I have experienced nothing less than excellence in all areas. There was only one conversation regarding options and cost, so neither he nor his office ever made me feel like it was just about the money or my insurance as most other places in the past have done. Dr Pero was genuinely more concerned about the problem I was having and how to help me. I opted to have my septum corrected so I could breathe better through my nose. I just wanted to be able to breathe and actually sleep well at night. At the same time, I made other adjustments in my home to help alleviate with the allergy symptoms…At the end of it all, my prayer was in fact, answered with such a high quality doctor. It’s as if Dr Pero only strives for perfection in his work. I can tell that he is very passionate about his profession. His skills, his genuine attention to my problem, his personality, just everything from start to finish with him was super. ~Anonymous


I recently got my nose job with Dr. Pero and I am soo glad I did it! It was a lot less painful than I imagine, in fact, I only needed pain killers for the day of the surgery and the day after. I met friends who got their nose job and were in pain killers for much longer than me, which speaks of how good surgeon Dr. Pero is. After the second day, it was only minor discomfort. Also, the before-after ended up being exactly like the photoshop before-after he gave me when I went for my first consultation! I was very impressed by it! Dr. Pero showed me in the first consultation with photoshop what my nose would look like and discussed with me choices for how curvy to make my nose. He is also very honest about what things you can expect to change and which ones you cannot change, which means you will know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Dr. Pero is extremely patient and answered every single question I had. I also get my botox and fillers with him. I just moved to TX from CA last year, and it was difficult to try to find a new plastic surgeon I could trust, but I will definitely be going to Dr. Pero for fillers and for more surgeries as I age. I am so glad I got the nose job done! I feel so much younger! I was able to show up to work the week the surgery, and the healing process was extremely smooth. I love the new nose! Aging will be much easier with Dr. Pero nearby! =) ~Anonymous



For most of Allison’s 16 years she has had difficulty with her sinuses. Oral and topical medication treatments provided some relief, but never really resolved the ongoing headaches. Participation in the family sport of open water diving was often difficult, with problems both descending and ascending, in spite of decongestants and saline rinses. In preparation for a 2011 dive trip to Bonaire, NL, Allison was evaluated by Dr. Wyll, and a treatment course outlined. Allison had sinus surgery performed by Dr. Wyll. The medical treatment was excellent, as was Dr. Wyll’s office and nursing team. Dr Wyll provided clear direction and expert treatment that made a difference.

This is Allison at 67 feet under water, near the end of the trip, where she completed 35 dives without any difficulty! Allison is standing on the port side of the wreck of the Williams Express. This was simply not possible previously. Thanks Dr. Wyll!